Simpson County Baptist Association
Monday, July 15, 2024

Association Info

The Simpson Baptist Association is comprised of forty-three Southern Baptist Churches within Simpson County and one church in Rankin County, Mississippi. The associational office is located on Hwy 49, Mendenhall, Mississippi.


Simpson Baptist Association is dedicated to Christian fellowship, edification and spreading the life-saving, life-changing Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our association is made up of a family of churches that choose to network together with the desire of being a vital part of the growth of God's Kingdom.


An association should exist as a resource to the churches. Our philosophy is simply; "The churches do not exist for the association rather the association exists for the churches."

 The association exists to resource the local churches, to assist them in accomplishing their mission. Our association is an extension of the mission of the churches that make up the Simpson Baptist Association of churches. The association does not hold any authoritative control over its membership rather the association is a partner with each and every church that composes Simpson Baptist Association. The Director does not have any authority over any pastor or church. The Director rather seeks to be a resource to the churches as well as a friend to the ministerial staff. When the Director visits a church field, he is under the authority of that pastor. The Director desires only to strengthen the local leadership of our churches so as to encourage greater and biblical cooperation between pastor and people.(Hebrews 13:17). The association must always seek to be perceived as an ally of the autonomy and ministry of the local church not a threat.
When there is greater cooperation within our churches this leads to greater cooperation among our churches and that is a powerful witness to a lost and dying world. It aids the edification of the church, the evangelistion of the lost, the equipping of the saints and the exhalting of the LORD.


An association promotes teamwork. An association gives churches an opportunity to work together, thus helping each other to accomplish common mission responsibilities. An association teaches and encourages churches to work in a spirit of cooperation to carry out ministry and mission projects.

By networking, partnering, or cooperating, the joint impact of our churches becomes more effective than if each individual congregation went at it alone. Our churches can accomplish far more by working together than working alone. There is not one church in this county that can by itself reach and minister to all of Simpson County or beyond. Just as individuals members composed the local body of Christ or church; even so each individual church composes the membership of the association. Without each other, there is no true association.

One of the best ministries that Simpson Baptist Association has going is the Crisis Center. Every month large numbers of people come through our doors seeking assistance with food, clothing, furniture, partial rent and partial utilities. Of course they are also confronted with the life-saving, life-changing Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, which addresses the greatest need of humanity. Your prayers and generous gifts as churches and individuals have strengthened the over-all ministry of your Association. Thank you Simpson Baptists for giving to the Lord. Jesus said,"In as much as you have done it to the least of these you have done it unto me.”

Another community ministry of Simpson Baptist Association is the Christian Women’s Job Corps that seeks to provide a Christian context in which women in need are equipped for life and employment. It is exciting to see this ministry grow and the lives that are being changed for the glory of the Lord.
Also our association is starting to see a renewed interest and involvement in associational mission projects beyond Simpson County. And it is our desire to afford more opportunities for leadership training, fellowship and enrichment.


The association is the Baptist body/entity closest to our churches and is thus best to assist our churches in  many ways-both in services to our churches and  in pooling resources of our churches to meet needs of common interest and concern. It is our desire to see the association have three opportunities each  year for  Simpson Baptists to come together for missions/ministry.
We’ve had good responses to our other associational program events for  worship and fellowship. Folks we really do need each other.  


The role of the association is perhaps more crucial than ever before for the  challenges of our time are too great for any one church alone. May each of us do our part to enhance and ensure the future ministry of our  Simpson Baptist Association to the glory of our God and King.
These are exciting times that we are living in. Who knows but that the LORD  has put each of us here for such a time as this.
Let us pull together!
Let us pull for each other!
Let us pray to the Father
Let us proceed to the work!

In His Service,

Johnny Sykes

Director, Simpson Baptist Association